bring ben to your booth

Generate traffic, Qualify leads, & boost roi

Last day of the 2019 WOCA show and all day the buzz is still about Ben!!!! Every meeting I had, everyone I ran into, the conversation was, “What an amazing guy!”

All that you did generated more traffic than I would have ever imagine resulting in more real leads. Even today I’m getting residuals from your efforts. I had conversations from two prospects that came up to me to say what a great job you did and I now have meetings set-up with them for next month!

Thanks again Ben.
— Joe Laubenstein: Director of CCR Management, Waste Connections

WATCH  Ben assist CARBO Ceramics, Inc. at the SPE ATCE maximize their visibility and draw in the greatest number of attendees to hear their message.

Maximize visibility

Whether it’s on the trade show floor or in hospitality suites, few feature attractions can match the effectiveness of magic in drawing and holding a crowd while communicating marketing messages. Ben serves as an extension of the booth’s hospitality by welcoming attendees, dazzling them with customized sleight-of-hand, and then works side-by-side with your representatives to answer questions and promote your company's brand and products. Ben grabs the full attention of trade show visitors and delivers a message of any complexity. His presentations have strong corporate tie-ins and are designed to maximize the visibility of the booth.


why Magic?

People love magic because it evokes wonder. More importantly, people know they have to pay attention or they’ll miss the trick! Ben takes advantage of earning their attention and uses it to deliver a powerful and impact-full message about a company's products and their attributes. This is why magic works in the trade show environment over any other type of infotainment