Impress the Hard-to-Impress

You’re the best, and I’ve seen the rest!
— Jack Burke Jr., Winner of the 1956 Masters, PGA Championship
Ben Jackson Magic Houston

cocktail conjuring

This is entertainment that moves throughout your event, as Ben meets and greets your guests, making new connections and encouraging interactions among your attendees. By drawing people into small groups, Ben performs astounding routines that puts the magic right into the hands of your guests. Ben’s mingling magic allows your guests the opportunity to interact with international award-winning sleight-of-hand that occurs inches away from their nose.


Ben’s one man show is a non-stop roller coaster of excitement that mixes comedy with mind-blowing sleight-of-hand. His act has been featured at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA, and multiple corporate functions across the country. Your guests have never witnessed magic like this before and they’ll talk about it forever. Coins dance across his fingertips, signed playing cards travel to impossible locations, full-size cocktails appear from nowhere and cell phones… well… you’ll just have to see it to believe it. For an audience that can be seated throughout the performance, in view of a stage that is little more than a bridge table, this is a show with impact that will last a lifetime.

I was absolutely amazed at how you had the guests in total awe. It’s always a pleasure to see adults acting like giggly little kids as a result of a fine performance and I can think of no finer show than the one you put on...
— Richard Puig, United Heavy Lift USA

A little bit of both

Contact Ben and, after a short conversation, he will provide you with a custom proposal suited for your event.