Magic with a message

Inspiring, entertaining and funny as all get out!
— Carolyn Pharr, CenterPoint Energy

LISTEN to the testimonial given by a conference organizer concerning Ben's customized presentation.

WATCH Ben deliver a customized presentation about TEDx Houston's theme of "Simplicity vs. Complexity."


You hire a keynote speaker for one reason: to instill within your organization the “why” and the passion to “do better.” A closing keynote must encapsulate the key themes and messages the attendees have learned at the conference and make direct correlations to their current responsibilities and personal lives.

Ben brings his touch of magic to create a captivating, fun and interactive motivational message. He inspires your audience to do what others say is impossible and to bring all levels of your organization together so that everyone is working towards a common goal. Ben’s keynote speeches are always customized to fit the needs of your group and to ensure they deliver your message in a way that is motivational and entertaining. He ensures that his speech is the right one by doing “pre-program” research.

Houston Texas Keynote Speaker Ben Jackson Magician

Ben's method of research not only prepares him for your meeting or event, but also helps your leaders ensure that everyone is “on the same page” and reaching for the same goals. No other speaker will dedicate more time to developing a program that addresses the needs and the goals of your organization.